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Pokemon: Secret of the Pink Pokemon

Chapter 1
Ash, Misty and Tracey are traveling to Sunburst Island which is famous for its crystals. They were traveling on Ash’s Lapras to Sunburst Islands . Tracey likes to sketch Pokemon that he see’s, so that's why he is mostly traveling around with Ash Ketchum. While they were going to Sunburst Island they found a message in a bottle in the water, Lapras picked it up with its mouth. He read the message out loud and it said, “If you know anything about the Crystal Onix please tell me signed Marissa from Sunburst Island. They were confused about what it was and thought it was just some joke and then they wanted to know more about it.

Chapter 2
They got to the Island staring at the crystals in a shop and Ash heard a man say “Marissa,” Ash talked to Marissa about the Crystal Onix. Marissa said that her grandfather found the Crystal Onix but died soon after he found the Onix, so she didn't know much about it she could get more information. They all wanted to try and find the Crystal Onix so they chose to go together with Marissa’s brother to find it. Tracey sent out Venonat to see if it could find the Onix but Venonat just took it to a pile of rocks that looked like Onix, so it didn't work. Then Tracey sent out Marill to find Onix by hearing the cries of Onix. Marill led them to the beach and pointed at a small island.

Chapter 3
Ash, Misty, Tracey, Marissa and Mateo(Marissa’s brother made it to the island but fell into a pit that team rocket made. Ash, Misty, Tracey, Marissa and Mateo led them right to where the Crystal Onix could be, luckily it wasn't a very big pit so they could climb out of it but then they saw team rocket stuck in there own traps because they forgot where they put their traps. Marril knew that something was in a cave further a head so they went in it. They finally found the Crystal Onix and it was made purely out of crystals. Mateo threw his Cloyster at the Onix and told it to use water gun, but it had no effect. Then Team Rocket came out of nowhere and threw Arbok and Victreebel, as usual victreebel was munching on James's head.

Chapter 4
Team rocket tried attacking the Onix but it was no use. Mateo threw his Charmeleon at the Onix and told it to use Ember, Ember was super effective. Just before the Onix fell on the ground Mateo saw its face and was thinking that he shouldn't catch it. After that they all headed back to town and Mateo invited them over for the night. The next morning Mateo gave Ash a tiny crystal Pikachu carving. Ash, Misty and Tracey went back to the beach and got out Lapras. Then they got round up in another whirl pool and Ash thought it would be the end…

Chapter 5
Ash, Misty and Tracey ended up stranded on a beach, Ash was surprised that everyone was ok. Tracey got up and looked around and found out that they were on Pinkan Island. Tracey was excited because he knows that not many people have explored the island. They needed to climb up a cliff to get to the grassy part, so they did. When they got up they immediately saw a bright pink Pokemon, it was a Rhyhorn. Ash got out his pokedex and on the picture the Ryhourn was grey. Tracey got close to it and noted down some observations about the pink Pokemon. Ash was worried and asked Misty if he should be that close but most said “He’s a Pokemon Watcher, he knows much more than you.” Ash got angry and went up to the Ryhorn to show that he knows a lot. Than the Ryhorn got angry and charged at Ash. Than Ash ran to Tracey, then they both ran to Misty while she was on the edge of the cliff, they didn't have enough time to run. They thought it was the end but then Togepi (Misty’s Pokemon) wriggled its little arms and then all of them teleported a few metres away. They were all confused but then they saw the Ryhorn run off the cliff.

Chapter 6
They all ran to the cliff to see if the Rhyhorn is all right, the Rhyhorn luckily got caught on a small tree sticking out of the cliff. They suddenly heard the sound of a jeep driving, Officer Jenny hopped out of the jeep and asked them “What are you doing!?” They told her that a Rhyhorn ran off the cliff. Jenny immediately snapped into action. She got a rope and got Ash and Tracey to go down with a rope and tied one side to the Rhyhorn and one side to the jeep. They pulled the Rhyhorn up and it ran off. While that was happening Pikachu was eating one of the Pinkan berries that turns all the Pokemon pink, pikachu’s tail turned pink, at least he won’t stay like that forever. Ash told Jenny the story and Officer Jenny let them off easy this time, Ash, Misty and Tracey promised that they would never tell anyone about the Island. Team rocket found their way to the island and saw all the Pokemon. They had a fantasy of opening a Pink Pokemon Land which will make them a lot of money.

Chapter 7
Ash, Misty, Tracey and Officer Jenny went to the station. They suddenly heard the ground rumbling from a herd of pink Nidoran running towards the station. Then they saw team rocket across the horizon. An angry Nidoking came along and was charging at Team Rocket. Team Rocket sent out all of their Pokemon and Nidoking was trapped by Arbok’s wrap. Ash got Pikachu to use thunder bolt which knocked all the Pokemon off Nidoking, which also revived Nidoking. Nidoking was angrier than ever and hurled Team Rocket and their Pokemon in the air, then Nidoking king looked at Ash and the others and chased them. They all quickly hopped in the Jeep and drove away, The Pokemon was getting closer and closer. The Nidoking was about to use hyper beam and then Togepi waved its little arms then they all teleported where the Nidoking first started chasing them. Then Officer Jenny quickly used the jeep and tied a rope around it and tied the other side to the Nidoking and drove around it. Misty tried telling the others that she thinks that Togepi did it, because Togepi waved its arms just like from before. Ash and Tracey weren't convinced.

Chapter 8
Ash, Misty and Tracey sailed back on the Lapras to Grapefruit Island. It was covered in Grapefruits, they got over there and grabbed a grapefruit because they were starving. Than a lady came along and accused Ash of being a thief, Ash told her that he’s not and said that he’s not from around here and she believed her. The lady introduced herself, her name was Ruby. One of Ruby’s workers came to her and said that they had a problem, They all went to check it out and all the tree’s had no grapefruits, they said it had to be Snorlax.

Chapter 9
They went to the next grapefruit orchard. Ash sent out his Bulbasaur to cut all the grapefruit off the trees so the Snorlax can't eat them. The snorlax came and flopped on the Bulbasaur and ate the grapefruit. The snorlax swam to the other island to eat all the grapefruit. Ash was surprised to see how Snorlax got so many grapefruits so fast, but right next to the Snorlax there was team Rocket. They were mad because the Snorlax ate all the grapefruit that they stole, so now Team Rocket wants to capture the Snorlax. Misty threw her Goldeen at the Snorlax when she meant to through Staryu, Snorlax was very close to eating it but luckily Misty returned Goldeen. They were using all their Pokemon, even Team Rocket tried capturing but all the Pokemon were too weak.

Chapter 10
Tracey said they only stop eating when they fall asleep, so Jessie, James and Meowth sung a lullaby to put it to sleep but sung the song really off key and Snorlax didn't like it so he threw them into the air. They had an idea to get a Jigglypuff to sing to the Snorlax. They all helped to build a stage on the beach with a microphone to lure Jigglypuff and got a big pile of grapefruit to lure Snorlax. They both came and did according to plan, Jigglypuff sang and was putting everyone to sleep, Ash told Pikachu to use Thunderbolt and then Ash threw his pokeball at it, than collapsed on the floor. He was relieved when he woke up to find his pokeball with a Snorlax in it. Next Ash wanted to defeat the Orange Island Gym!...

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Child's View of Running Away from Home

Child's View Of Running Away From Home

“Hi my name is Ethan, i am ranning awAy from house. i am 4 and 1 quarta. I am ranNing away becuos Mummy sed I fartd wean I did not. I m goona ran awaey tomroe at 9:30 wean muM and dad are sleepping. Tha furst thing I m goona do is go too tha lake And swim wit tha duks and fishs.” And so the child made his way to the local lake successfully, somehow… “Woh! That Pingu looks lik a duk!”

Later on Ethan went to the Local Super Market, because he was feeling a little hungry for some biscuits… “ Woh! This food plase is sooooo big. I m goona go git some biskets! I want choklat bisket.” “And so Ethan ran off with the biscuits, but one man noticed Ethan not paying for the Biscuits…” “ This biskEt is sooo goood!” “Hold it right there little kid!” Said a local man whilst grabbing him on the shoulder. “I dont recall you paying for those biscuits.” “Uh oh… umm, ahhh. Stranjer danjer!” All the people ran up to the local man and asked him what he was doing to the young child. While the man was crowded it gave time for Ethan run away…

“Phew that woz a klose one.” Said Ethan. It s geting late I wunda what i shood do now. Woh! blue and red lights!” The red and blue flashing light car pulled over right next to him and a man with a very fancy blue uniform came out of the car. “Woh! U look like polis men joe from The “JJ” Show.” “Hello, we have been called to find you and bring you back to your home.” Said the policeman. Before Ethan could say anything the policeman picked him up and but him in the car. When he got back to his home his parents said they love him very much and never run away again. But Ethan was confused because he thought that his parents knew that he was coming back today. His parents never saw the back of the note Ethan left…

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House of Spies Summary

 House of Spies
Chapter 1
So far the story has been about a little girl who lives Britain during war and has a struggling life. The main character is named Pip and she's a caring little girl who wants to save her pet cat.

The guards that are guarding the main road have grabbed my attention because they’re cruel and are making a big difference in the book. I feel like later on in the book Pip is going to try and get past the guards by going through the forest that you're not allowed to go through to try and save her cat and then she’ll get caught.

Chapter 2
Pip made a friend with a boy named Harry who had a pet goat that ran into the forest. Pip and Harry ran into the forest to find the goat and Pip's cat named Thomasina. They weren't allowed in the Forest because an unexploded bomb was there. They found their cat and goat but the goat ran into a lavatory and the cat followed. The soldiers were running towards them and the goat came out and pushed Pip into the lavatory. They heard the guards coming so they quickly ran out and while they were running they heard a great big explosion that knocked Pip over.

Chapter 3
Pip recovered from the bomb. Pip and her mother moved to Harry's house for a bit, at least until they find a new house. They couldn't  live at their old house because people were angry at Pip because they thought she set off the bomb. Pip helped Harry with all the house work and Pip found out that Harry is a girl. They decided to ride the horses into the woods but they heard a gunshot coming from a village and the horse did a sharp stop and Pip flew off the horse like a catapult. They could see a gun sticking out a cottage window.

Chapter 4
Pip could see a kid running towards a dog to untie it and then he ran towards Pip and Harry. The kid and the others ran for a bit and they stopped and had conversation about who he was. His name was Max. They all ran to a nearby cave and talked about Max’s childhood and how it was rough. He didn't want his parents to find him because his parents made him do too much work, but he brought a bag of money so they were fine. Max wanted to stay in the cave for a bit longer with his dog named Wiston.

Chapter 5
Pip and Harry came back home but left Max in the cave. They did more chores around the farm and wondered about Max. Harry also had a cat and Thomasina ran after the cat and Pip was paranoid that Thomasina was going to get murdered by the cat. Harry and Pip went back to the cave with some food and water, but they heard Max crying to himself saying that his mum had died from a bomb but he didn't want to tell the others. After that they all had a chat about it.

Chapter 6
Harry and Pip went out to look for Thomasina and had no luck but a person came over to the house and talked to them about whether they had seen a boy who ran away (referring to Max). After that Pip went up to her mother's room but she saw her crying. She was crying because she got a letter back from Pips dad and it said that he had fallen in love with another lady. Pip was so mad because her mother was really nice and never suspected that he would leave her.

Chapter 7
Pip was still upset about her dad while riding on the horse to get to the cave. They were close to the cave but suddenly heard Max screaming and they rushed over and saw a boy tying up Max and one guarding. They were working together. Harry started fighting the others and Pip was untying Max. Once Max was untied he ran into the bushes and a kid got on a horse. A kid fell on the ground wounded. They were unsure if the kid who fell off was dying from the fight and from his broken legs.

Chapter 8
While the kid was on the ground Pip started to care for him because he was also an evacuee from London. She started helping him and they became friends. His name was Benny. The other kid ran off on one of Harry's horses and his name was Spike. They got home home with the child and they were making excuses about the horse and said the horse ran off. They walked into a house and Winston rushed at Pip and that means Max might be there.

Chapter 9
Max was scared and thought it was Spike and Benny but Harry told him the story. They suddenly saw Spike and they told him that Max wasn’t there but he didn't believe her. Spike wandered towards the house and Max sneaked out. Then Thomasina ran up the chimney and the house was very fragile and the house fell on Spike. They managed to run away.

Chapter 10
They met a gray haired women. They got inside but a man named Mr. Smith pointed a gun at Pip's face and she ran hearing gunshots behind her. They think that Mr Smith is a German Spy. Harry and Pip managed to escape on the horse. Later at their house her mum was writing a letter to Pip’s dad and Pip was writing in her diary about what has happened lately.

Chapter 11
Pip and Harry were doing a lot of chores and looking for the cat. Pip and Harry went around and then met a worker who was fixing Rose Cottage and he was fixing Pip’s house. The cat was above the house and the worker convinced them not to have the cat because they more like places than people. The worker saved Spike from under the collapsed house. Pip and her mother were talking a lot about Pip's father. The mother woke up early just to read his letters and Pip was really angry.

Chapter 12
Pip woke up and had to do chores around the farm. Later Pip and Harry went out to see if they could find Max. They did. They were walking through a village talking to Max. There have been rumours going around saying that Max’s parents are spies. They were getting suspicious because Max got into the attic and found an old machine that can send messages to people in War. Pip and her mum were having a chat about her dad and how he has fallen in love with a another women before and they broke up quite quickly. Pip was starting to forgive her dad. Harry and Pip were sure that the Smiths were German spies and Pip didn't want to tell her mum because she didn’t want her to worry about more stuff. So Pip and Harry knew they had to do something themselves.

Chapter 13
Pip was helping around the farm. She was starting to get paranoid about everything such as her mum, mice and cat. Pip and Harry were having conversations about how to help Max and stuff about the Smiths.

Chapter 14
Pip and Harry were in a pub and kids weren't allowed in pubs and they got in trouble but luckily it was Pip’s  mums friend so he didn’t tell anyone and took them back home. On the way he saw Pip’s mum and she was happy to see Don (the man). Pip was helping around the farm and a delivery boy came along and brought a telegram. It said that her dad was presumed dead or missing.

Chapter 15
It turns out that Pip’s dad died in a plane crash. He could have survived but it's very unlikely. People were very nice to Pip and trying to make her feel better about her dad. Pip and Harry wandered off to the village where the Smiths live. The Smiths house had been bombed. Pip tried saving Mr Smith who was in the attic by using a ladder to get up there. Their house was on fire so they couldn't get in. A man called to Pip to get her to get down, so she did. Two people named the “Blood Brothers” and Harry's dad. Harry started screaming at her dad and told him not to do it.

Chapter 16
They couldn't get Mr Smith out of the fire and Mr Seddon got out alive barely. Pip took Max away from the burning house and Winston followed. Mrs Seddon asked where Mr Seddon was and Pip told her the story and Mrs Smith ran straight towards the burning house. After that they took Mr Seddon to the to the hospital. He wasn’t burned or anything but he did have a lot of smoke in his lungs and Max was asleep in the waiting room at the hospital.

Chapter 17
Everything after that worked out well. Pip and Harry were going to their first day of school but Spike also went there.

Over all I think it was a very thrilling book and amazing. At some points I got a bit confused but I worked it out in the end. I would suggest this book to 9 year olds to around mid teens.

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The dog poop and the cat poop grew no mould from the past two weeks.
We were measuring how much mould will get on the poop, but sadly no
Mould grew on the poop.

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Link to my Rubric

Link to Rubric
This is a link to my Science Inqiury. This shows the steps to my project


The crown is God, the cross is Jesus and the dove is the Holy Spirit.
This is my symbol for the Trinity.